MAGWest Panel Submission Form

We expect many requests being sent in and will be unable to accept them all. We WILL be contacting potential panelists for more information as necessary. To increase your odds of acceptance, fill this form out accurately and keep an eye out for communication from us.

Panel requests are due by 11:59pm PDT on Sunday, August 4.

We hope to send acceptance e-mails out no later than August 15, 2019.

Contact us if there are any questions pertaining to the form at MAGWest Panels <>.

Good luck! We're excited to hear what you've got!

Personal Information

Please make this the phone number at which we can most easily reach you before the event.



Your credentials may be included in the panel description on our public schedule.

Social Media

Your social media links may be included in the panel description on our public schedule.

Panel Information

Please include who will moderate the panel in the description. If you will not be moderating the panel, please add the moderator as a panelist at the bottom of this application.

Will appear as a subheading on the schedule. 200 words max.

An hour is typical, including time for Q&A.

Panels longer than 60 minutes are allowed, but discouraged unless you really need the extra time.

Note: we cannot guarantee that panels will be livestreamed.

Our ability to reconfigure main panel rooms is very limited, but we have some alternative spaces that might be better suited for specific needs.

Please describe what materials you'll be providing and how much you'll need to charge attendees to participate.

By default, each panel room will have a table with four microphones, power for a laptop, and connections for 1/8" audio and HDMI video. If you need anything beyond this please describe it above. Our techops department ( will reach out to you directly for details.

Additional Information

Please list all times during the event when you will NOT be available to hold your panel. This is used for scheduling purposes. Rescheduling based on information not given here will be very difficult.

This can include information not for public consumption, but merely things the event needs to know.

Other Panelists

How many other panelists will be on this panel?

Panelist Terms of Accommodation

"Panelists" at MAGWest are eligible for free admission and the ability to present an awesome panel for like-minded people. No travel, hotel, or other accommodations are provided by MAGWest. If you have any questions, please contact MAGWest Panels <>.